The Enemy Within

Mutants in the Woods

So we take a job from this coach company in order to find out what is happening to their shipments. As we leave town we are approached by a disgusting gypsy peddling her wares. My friend from Bretonia buys some curious plants and we continue along the road and find tracks of a coach leading into the woods.

We follow the tracks straight into a tree. After hitting my nose I find myself hearing voices and laughter deeper in the woods. As we approach the laughter we see that it is coming from mutants standing near a rather curious set of goods. This has to be a missing shipment. We make quick work of these grotesque abominations and are found wondering why are mutants after these types of shipments.

mutants...why did it have to be mutants...

Mutants? Really? And they are definitely mutants, despite what the priestess says about minions of xero or whatever. She’s nice enough, especially to look at, but she needs to get out of the chapel more.

If there can be mutants out here so close to the city, it definitely lends credence to the rumors about the black cloaked man, and things under the docks. I really don’t like the idea of going down there, but if i’m going to find my friend, this may be the only way.


Maybe we can get the wharf rats to come with us…

Yeah, right, even with the pyro wizard coming with us, they aren’t idiots, like I’m beginning to suspect we are.

Damn it Jurgen! You better be alive.

Kaden Hochmann journal entry 2
haggling for incontinence
Curd Weiss, manager for the Red Arrow Coach Co. has offered us a job to discover the whereabouts of a lost shipment. It seems a cart that was in route never made it to it’s destination. Having a working relationship with this gentleman I took the lead in negotiating a deal on our behalf. After some heated exchange we agreed on compensation. Our mission begins the next morn. Later that night we do some more investigating into the rumors of “mutants” living under the docks. There is ratcatcher who knows the sewers well and after speaking with him it’s confirmed that there is indeed a strange presence living under the docks. Yet another clue which must be investigated upon our return. We set forth with our scouting/retrieve mission, leaving behind the nightmares that have begun to plague Averheim. After a couple of hours of travel we stumble upon a peddler who offers information in exchange for some over-priced goods. He confirms that he noticed a set of tracks that veer away from the worn ruts of the common road. Once we locate the tracks we decide to venture into the woods, it wasn’t long before we heard some strange noises, a laughter of sorts coming from a clearing. We make our way, step-by-step hoping to find a couple of coachman and handlers gathered around a fire, feasting upon the contents of the cart, to drunk to realize that screwing over the RAC co. has it’s consequences.

I will never forget this day, the day all of our lives changed, from this point on nothing will be the same. What we encountered was a horror that I have never witnessed before. Five humanoids were feasting on the flesh of dead oxen and human flesh. Four of the creatures were a mix of humanoid bodies but with the heads and appendages of wild beasts/aniamls, and the fifth was what appeared to be a diseased little girl. My gut reaction, and I’m ashamed to call myself a warrior, was FEAR. I was scared, I thought of running, screaming at the top of my lungs, hoping it was just a bad dream and I would wake myself to stop the terror that seized me. But I couldn’t, I needed to find my resolve, I needed to conquer my fear and then it happened… the beautiful unmistakeable sounds of combat. Battle cries being decreed weapons being drawn, charges being set, brought me back to reality. CHAOS has finally shown it’s ugly head and it was my job to bash it in!

List of the Missing of Averheim
Missing Persons

The following people have been declared missing in the dock area of Averheim

Jurgen Kinski – Fisherman
Fritz the beggar – beggar well known in the docks, hung out in west end
Beatrice – gambler, con artist
Ute – beggar girl, plays the lute
Ralph – member of the Wharf Rats

The following people were killed by Mysterious wounds (paralysis + slashes):
Klaus Kellar – general racketeer
Herman Hal Hema – smuggler

Gangs of New Averheim?

As I slosh through the day to day dredge of the city of Averheim. I form a small group with some odd people. A dwarf named Hagen. This dwarf seems to garner alot of respect from people I deem un fit to be left alive. A mysterious man from Bretonia named Seymore. Ive heard that he is a deserter from a battle. Kaden, a rich and pompous man who actually served with me at BlackFire. This is the son of my recent employer. He knows little of the world, only of his rich dinner parties. Lastly, a very attractive worshipper of Shalya, Sophie.

I am introduced to this Sophie woman after I ended a petty street brawl. It turned out she is some sort of messenger woman who in fact had a message for me. It turns out her master aided the fine Lady Von Alptraum in the saving of my life. In the letter Sophie’s master guilted me into protecting this young woman from anything sinister while in Averheim. I can not turn down this request because Sophie’s master is asking of this favor by invoking the name of the gracious Lady Von Alptraum.

So with our group we escorted this young woman as she delivered her many pointless messages. While doing this we come to find that the city is being plagued with disappearances and the thugs of the city are in an uproar over the appearance of a man in a black hood.

After doing some investigating we actually come across some dead bodies with peculiar wounds. These bodies were of some of the missing individuals so I thought nothing of it.

However, we returned to the docks and the Luminary appeared to us and asked for a meeting. The Luminary told us how these bodies were in fact related to some Chaos that has come to the city and that we are now charged with purifying the city of it.

So now I need to destroy this preposterous cult of chaos that the Luminary says exists, discover why this city has all of the disappearances all while looking after this naive little girl.

Sigmar Damn It!

Kaden Hochmann journal entry 1
Rascals of defiance
I find myself back in Averheim, teamed up with a cast of characters that many would deem unworthy

of my company. Urnest Pyrolien, a hot-head wizard who also served at BFP, Hagen Faust, a streetwise dwarf who seems to know everyone, even the Lady Von Alptraum, (I knew she was a freak!) Seymore, a medicine man from Bretonia, he seems like a good soul. And Sophie Leroux, a beautiful initiate of Shallya that has more errands than any Bloodbowl mom I ever met.
We find ourselves investigating the mysterious disappearances of some unscrupulous individuals, choosing sides between 2 rival dock gangs, escorting Leroux around the city to complete her errands
(she, for some reason, seems to have Urnest under her thumb) discovering dead bodies with unexplained wounds, and to make matters worse, the presence of CHAOS has been established.
What is going on? We are being pulled in many directions. Should we continue to investigate the
disappearances, should we choose a side? How about Kaufman’s man from the Red Arrow Coach co., he is offering us work, but will it take us away from the matters at hand? I think the Luminary has spooked us all, CHAOS has reached Averheim, what will we do?


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